Supreme and Louis Vuitton Collides Luxury and Street in Upcoming Collection

Earlier this month, The Fashion Law reported a rumoured collaboration between high fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, and cult premium streetwear brand, Supreme. Speculations were on point and the two fashion giants are disturbing the game!

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Confirming the collab was Louis Vuitton menswear director, Kim Jones in a pre-show interview with WWD. Jones was part instigator that sent the web into overdrive with a posted image of a light grey Vuitton monogram canvas adorned with a Supreme holographic smiley sticker. He removed the image, causing continued conversation amongst the teased LV fans.

The pair has designed a strong range of items in their collection; denim and camouflage jackets, luxury streetwear sneakers to a range of bags in three materials. There is the prominent branding of the famed Supreme logo and pieces with the equally famed LV print – it’s an awesome pairing of iconic pattern styles.

The line is believed to be a one-off partnership amongst LV and Supreme. Expect to see the garments in select Vuitton stores and secret locations in July 2017, as this is an A/W collection. For sure prices will match the standard LV measurement.


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