Watch as Celebs Roast Woody Harrelson’s Live Film Idea

On January 19th, Woody Harrelson is making history with his first ever star studded live film, Lost in London. With Willie Nelson and Owen Wilson, the actor/director set outs to live stream his movie based on actual events in London, straight into theatres.


Vanity Fair set to roast Woody Harrelson and his plan, by bringing together some of the friends and former co-stars to get their take on it all. The 3-minute roast session is graced with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Matthew McConaughey, Jimmy Kimmel, Liam Hemsworth, Bill Maher, Josh Hutcherson, Ted Danson, James Marsden, Will Ferrell, Naomi Watts, Edward Norton, and more.

Guaranteed to be out of love, this has to be a stunt to create conversation and awareness to the movie, it is exciting to see that all eyes are on this!

Watch the full video, here and buy tickets for London Picturehouse Central showing, here.


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