Golden Globes 2017: Migos are Thanked by Donald Glover for ‘Bad & Boujee’, during ‘Atlanta’ Acceptance Speech

Donald Glover aka ‘Childish Gambino’, is the creator of critically acclaimed FX TV series, ‘Atlanta’. Golden Globes recently named his show the Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy.

Following his thanks and praise to his cast of actors, show producers and all the “black folks of Atlanta”, American Hip Hop group Migos get the final shout out from the show creator.

Said in high spirits, “I just really want to thank Atlanta and all the black folks in Atlanta. For real,”  “I couldn’t be here without Atlanta. And I really want to thank the Migos—not for being in the show—but for making “Bad and Bougee.” Like that’s the best song ever.”

Watch the full video, here.

He later explained that Migos were the “Beatles of this generation” when the press asked why they got the mention – watch here.

Atlanta returns for a second season, Deadline reports.



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